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About Fuel Cell Expertise Network

The Fuel Cell Expertise Network is a EU broad connecting network on Fuel Cell CHP. Developments in this sector are plentiful, with many technological innovations but also an increasing number of concrete projects, market experiences, potential EU niches. FCEN wants to identify and share the most important developments on FC CHP but also keep track of the broader picture on H2 and Fuel Cells.

The FCEN ultimately wants to contribute to the development of this exciting new technology. We have a large network of energy companies, manufacturers, investors, public bodies, supply partners, installers. By facilitating knowledge sharing we aim to support the market introduction in the EU.

The Fuel Cell Expertise Network was established in 2011 by Energy Matters BV (Since 1 January 2018 BlueTerra Energy Experts) and Kiwa NV.

An impression of the first Fuel Cell Congress, Apeldoorn, May 2011

What does the Fuel Cell Expertise Network do?

The aim of the Fuel Cell Expertise Network is to highlight the advantages of FC CHP and convey the message to a broad EU-wide audience that FC CHP is a promising business with great potential. Our intention is to commit technology developers, policy makers, investors, channel partners, manufactures to this development by communication through newsletters, articles, webinars and a yearly conference and becoming the leading European information provider of FC CHP.

Activities of the Fuel Cell Expertise Network include:

  • Build-up international network front-runners in fuel cell technology
  • Develop state-of-the-art inventory of available fuel cells
  • Identify important market opportunities & threats
  • Bundling of news
  • Writing articles

How can I profit from the Fuel Cell Expertise Network?
You can either become a member or a sponsor of the FCEN.  Members gain free acces to all activities and information. The membership is now open all organisations, under the condition that they have an ambition & relevance in the field of fuel cells. To become a member, please fill out the application form and return it by fax (+31 55 5393 393) or email (info@fuelcellnetwork.eu).

If you are interested in possibilities for a sponsorship to enhance your visibility in our network, please send us an email.





 The Fuel Cell Expertise Network is sponsored by GasTerra.

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