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European manufacturers create breakthrough for commercial fuel cell systems via ComSos project


Various manufacturers and research institutes are bundling their forces in the ComSos project to showcase the potential of SOFC technology for numerous commercial applications. ComSos is among the most important and largest European projects regarding the commercialisation of fuel cell technology. Within the project a total of 25 SOFC systems will be implemented at various sites around the world to produce reliable and low-emission electricity and heat.

ComSos is focussing on small site deployments, in the range of 10 to 60 kW, offering the end-user lower energy costs, a high energy security, while reducing CO2-emissions. These characteristics make SOFC systems an ideal energy solution for various commercial sites, such as hotels, supermarkets, SMEs and restaurants.

One of the goals of the ComSos project is to validate and optimize business cases for the deployment of commercial SOFC systems. That is why ComSos is currently looking for stakeholders in the industry and potential end users to join its Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). As a member of the IAB you will participate in webinars about specific topics related to the commercialization of SOFC technology. In that way you will contribute to this ambitious project with insights and feedback about the market needs while being informed about the latest developments regarding ComSos and SOFC technology.

Have you become enthusiastic about SOFC technology and the ComSos project? Contact ComSos via comsos@polito.it for more information about the project and joining the IAB or take a look at the website.

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