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11 October: Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration event

The partners of ene.field and PACE, demonstration projects on micro-CHPs, host the event “Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration: Generating Sustainable Heat and Power for your Home” on 11 October in Brussels.

This event is an excellent opportunity to engage with key policymakers, industry and research community representatives on the potential and future of Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration in Europe. We invite you for discussions on how this technology can efficiently generate heat and electricity at home and how it can empower energy consumers in their energy choices, while contributing to Europe’s energy transition and providing greater flexibility for the energy system.

The event, organised in partnership with the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, will present the key findings of the EU flagship project ene.field and introduce the PACE project, which will build upon the success of the ene.field project. As a cherry on the cake, you can take a closer look at the Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration units on display at the event’s exhibition!

Registration and more information here.

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