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Conference 14 June 2017: CHP as a sustainable enabler for renewable energy

Cogen Europe hosts a conference on 14 June in Brussels on the crucial role of CHP as the enabler for renewable energy. The program will entail the European perspective but also national examples from the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK will be discussed.

Given its many applications, CHP can effectively support the deployment of renewable energy in an energy efficient manner. At the same time, CHP can help industrial energy consumers as well as domestic users decarbonise their heat consumption, which accounts for as much as 60% of energy consumption in Europe and a significant share of CO2-emissions. Engaging key policymakers, industry representatives and academics, the event will discuss the role of CHP – both large and small – in the energy mix between now and 2030, on the pathway to 2050.

Evidence from a new COGEN Flanders’ study will inform the audience on the challenges and potential solutions for a high intermittent renewable share electricity system focusing on Germany and 50 Hertz networks.  Further findings from the ene.field project, providing a EU-wide perspective on the system level benefits of micro-CHP, will add to the discussion. Finally, the success story of the Ameland Island will be presented, showcasing the contribution of CHP, among other green technologies, to sustainably meetings its energy needs by 2020.

Registration and information here.

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