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Sponsor packages 2018

Team up with the Fuel Cell Expertise Network!

The Fuel Cell Expertise Network highlights the advantages of FC CHP and conveys the message to a broad EU-wide audience that FC CHP is a promising business with great potential. We commit technology developers, policy makers, investors, channel partners, manufactures to this development by communication through newsletters, articles and webinars and we plan on becoming the leading European information provider of FC CHP.

Next to our free newsletters, from now on we will host free webinars to reach the broad public.

To continue our work, FCEN needs sponsors. We offer three sponsor packages:


Sponsor type Features Cost per year


+ Visibility as a sponsor on FCEN website € 500
Zirconium Same as Yttrium+ Visibility as a sponsor in FCEN mailings+ More attention in news letter

+ Provide input  on focus FCEN

€ 1500
Platinum Same as Zirconium+ Dedicated PR-effort (article/webinar by choice) € 2500

We would like to invite you to become a sponsor and help spread your message to our EU-audience.

For more information, please contact:


Edmund Fennema Arjen de Jong
+31 6461 00310 +31 6303 68827
info@fuelcellnetwork.eu               www.fuelcellnetwork.eu
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