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Opening up the EU Fuel Cell CHP market in 2015?

Amsterdam, 20 November 2014 – NH Hotel Schiphol Airport

 Technological progress has been one of the major driving forces behind the market introduction of fuel cells in terms of efficiency, durability, degradation. Last year we have seen some remarkable developments in this field. The challenge is now turning to market deployment. Fuel Cell CHP products with Japanese products at their core may prove to be game-changing in Europe. 2015 will be an  exciting year with several commercial market introductions.

Fuel Cell Expertise Network congres 2013 – Amsterdam

The Fuel Cell Expertise Network is organising a conference to highlight and discuss these developments. The programme will give you full insight into relevant developments, together with the views of organisations that will set the agenda for an increased uptake of FC CHP. It’s a conference you don’t want to miss!

Our provisional programme covers the following aspects:

  • What are interesting innovations that will have an impact?
  • How scalable is the production of FC CHP?
  • EU positioning of fuel cells to alternatives
  • Incentives and business models
  • Expectations of EU suppliers
  • Status and expectations in Japan


We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam on Thursday 20 November!


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