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FCEN webinar: FC CHP and competition, 2 October

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The energy market is changing rapidly. The EU commission wants to put energy efficiency on the agenda, to increase the competitiveness of European businesses and to lessen the energy dependency from third parties. On the other hand the solar PV market has become established in certain EU Member States, where there is no further need for incentives to sustain the solar market. Where does this lead the end-customer? And what is the impact of this development on the future development of fuel cells?

These topics will be discussed on our webinar. The webinar will consist of two short presentations with the possibility to ask questions.

FCEN introduction

  • With which technologies can/must the FC mCHP (financially) compete?
  • In which markets lies the future of FC CHP?

Solar PV versus FC mCHP

  • Comparison from customer point of view
  • Impact of low energy prices
  • Distinction between systems

The setup is an interactive webinar. There will be ample opportunities to ask questions during the webinar. You can also send us your questions before the start of the webinar, which we will relay so the presenters might prepare an answer.

Date: 2 October 2014

Timeslot: 14:00 -15:00 CET


You need to register with us an participant to receive login details. Participation for this webinar is free of charge for members of FCEN. For other parties, the participation fee is €98.

Mail to info@fuelcellnetwork.eu to register.

More information:


Edmund Fennema Arjen de Jong
+31 6461 00310 +31 6303 68827

info@fuelcellnetwork.eu             www.fuelcellnetwork.eu


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