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FCEN webinar: Impact Japanese FC for the EU, 26 June


Are you interested how Japanese FC products will shape the European market for the coming years? Extensive (ongoing) support has created superbe products that will now make their way to the European the market. Germany will likely be one of the key markets for future development. The Fuel Cell Expertise Network has therefore setup a webinar to inform and discuss the latest developments:

The webinar will consist of three short (10 min) presentations with the possibility to ask questions.

Overview of current developments in Japan
o Is the market development in line with expectations?
o Which companies are expanding their activities?
o What is the learning rate?

Plans for implementation in EU by manufacturer
o Technological challenge
o Market challenge

Ambitions of Aisin
o How far is the product development?
o What can we expect for the coming years?

The setup is an interactive webinar. There will be ample opportunities to ask questions during the webinar. You can also send us your questions before the start of the webinar, which we will relay so the presenters might prepare an answer.

Webinar date: June 26th 2014
Timeslot: 14:00 -15:00 CET

You need to register by email (see below) to receive login details. Participation for this webinar is free of charge for members of FCEN. For other parties, the participation fee is €98.

Mail to info@fuelcellnetwork.eu to register.

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