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27 November: EU Prospects FC mCHP

The last years have been exciting for the EU energy market. Decentralized energy is becoming much more popular with high energy prices, nuclear capacity being phased out, extreme growth of solarPV and the need for flexible capacity and the development of local smart grids. Home owners are also looking for new ways to decrease energy costs and improve the energy label of their homes. Fuel Cell CHP is perfect as a plug & play device with unmatched conversion efficiencies, even above 60% electrical efficiency.

Fuel cell CHP has got great momentum. Nowadays, fuel cell technology has started developing towards a mature form. Demonstration projects are providing useful insights for further market development. Japan has installed over 20,000 fuel cell mCHP units in large scale demonstration programs. Many technology developers are close to making big steps on the cost curve. Some manufacturers claim to have a commercial product next year! What can you expect from Fuel Cells CHP?

The 3rd Fuel Cell event on Tuesday 27 November 2012 aimed to gain insight into the opportunities for FC CHP in the North-Western European market, practical results, developments and potential threats. The event was attended by energy companies, network companies, boiler makers, fuel cell manufacturers, policy makers and other front runners in the world of energy.

A panel of expert international speakers with various backgrounds have shared their opinion regarding themes below:

– How fast will fuel cells develop?
– Results from demonstration projects
– Fuel Cell CHP Policy in the EU
– Markets opportunities for Fuel Cells

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