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ELCORE: World first: The first cost-effective fuel cell for single-family homes

Hanover, 04.23.2012 – The Munich-based technology company Elcore Ltd. today unveiled the world’s first cost-effective fuel cell for single-family homes. The fuel heater with the designation Elcore 2400 is designed to cover the basic electricity needs in the permanent family home. Due to the high efficiency can be obtained by the principle of combined heat and power (CHP) appliance, which works most of the year are operated on round the clock. Thus, the 2400 is very high annual Elcore reached maturity and reach new levels of personal use of the current share of about 95%. Because of purchased power from four to five times as expensive as to be made with the feed, the proportion of owner-occupation factor essential for the economy. The Elcore 2400 reduced the annual energy bill by up to 50% (2,400 kWh). Price includes installation of the equipment is already in the coming year are less than 9,000 EUR. Taking into account the promotion of self-generated CHP electricity is, therefore suitable for a micro-CHP unit for the first time an attractive overall appearance. “We are pleased to offer the Elcore 2400 is a highly efficient domestic energy supply, which is worth it. Save with a manageable budget today, and become immune to rising electricity prices. That it is desirable that our customers,” said Dr. Stefener , founder and CEO of Elcore Ltd.

In conventional electricity supply via central power plants, 60% of primary energy is lost as waste heat and transmission losses. In the principle of combined heat and power produced during the generation of waste heat is used to supply heat and electricity is consumed on-site loss. With 95% equity share of electricity use and 98% overall efficiency is the Elcore 2400 new standards for energy efficiency. This is based on the Smart Efficiency of Fuel Cell Technology offers a complete Elcore on the device architecture is based. From the perspective of energy supply, especially the base-load capacity of Elcore 2400 is interesting. You can help replace coal and nuclear power and to reduce network deployment costs. For a large sales potential of the technology Elcore says that the installation cost is low and it places no requirements on-site quality and roof orientation, as for example with solar energy and heat pumps of the case. Due to its small size and light weight you can be almost anywhere easily retrofitted.

Currently the equipment is thoroughly tested. The Germany-wide marketing will begin in spring 2013. The focus of the sales activity at present is to expand the network of dealers. Because of the sophisticated technology that interfaces with the Elcore 2400 are those of a conventional gas boiler almost identical: Gas supply, exhaust system, Vor-/Rücklauf, electricity connection. “For installers provides the Elcore 2400 is the chance of a particularly simple manner in the future of technology, combined heat and power to enter, because the device is very easy to install in a family house in addition to conventional heating or retrofit.” Bronner says Martin Eichel, Director of Sales & Marketing at Elcore.


Elcore develops and manufactures high-efficiency energy systems with the latest fuel cell technology. The company focuses on natural gas-fired combined heat and power systems for residential and larger buildings. Elcore is part of an independent, private corporation with headquarters in Munich, in 2007, was founded by Dr. Stefener. Today, more than 60 highly qualified staff in the development and manufacture of products. The group has in the strategically important components of a high development and production depth, up to electrodes, catalysts and membranes. This approach offers significant advantages in cost structures, which is the key to the successful commercialization of fuel cell is located. As revolutionary as new Elcores technology strategy is also the product of: a wall-hung boiler fuel, which has been consistently on the basis of energy consumption in the house.


Tel: +49 89 6780463-13
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e-mail: pr@elcore.com
Elcore Ltd.
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D-81737 Munich

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