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Topsoe Fuel Cell and SK Holdings makes an alliance for clean energy of the future

Topsoe Fuel Cell and SK Holdings makes an alliance for clean energy of the future

One year ago in Denmark, SK Holdings and Topsoe Fuel Cell signed a memorandum of understanding with the aim to commercialize the solid oxide fuel cell technology (SOFC) until 2020. Now, on May 14th 2012, the alliance for clean energy of the future is a fact: In the presence of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, two initial cooperation agreements have been signed by Topsoe Fuel Cell and SK with the purpose of initiating the commercialization. The signing ceremony has taken place in Seoul during the official visit to the Republic of Korea by THR the Crown Prince Couple.

One agreement is entered into by SK E&S and Topsoe Fuel Cell in order to develop and commercialize micro-CHP systems for residential applications. The second agreement is made between SK Innovation and Topsoe Full Cell for the development and commercialization of large Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems.

Topsoe Fuel cell will be providing the fuel cell stacks, while SK Holdings will be developing, manufacturing and deploying the SOFC-based power systems. Both companies will be cooperating in the technical development.

Topsoe Fuel Cell and SK are both very satisfied with the agreements and see great potential in the cooperation. Duke Moon, CEO of SK E&S, says: “The SOFC technology will help us grow our business into new areas.” And Lars Martiny, CEO of Topsoe Fuel Cell supplements by saying: “SK Holdings is a leading player in the energy business and Topsoe Fuel Cell has developed a unique technology. The companies complement each other very well and together they have the potential to develop superior solutions for the future energy system. ”

About SK

SK is the Republic of Korea’s third largest company with the main business areas energy, chemical industry, telecommunication, distribution and services and with activities in the Republic of Korea and a range of other countries.

About Topsoe Fuel Cell

Topsoe Fuel Cell is a leading company within solid oxide fuel cell technology and aim to be a significant contributor to the solution of the world’s energy and climate challenges. Based on its proprietary SOFC technology the company develops products for micro combined heat and power, auxiliary power units and distributed generation. Topsoe Fuel Cell is a subsidiary company of Haldor Topsøe A/S.


Andreas B. Richter, Manager for Business Development
Tel. +45  4191 8398, e-mail: anbr@topsoe.dk

Source: http://www.topsoefuelcell.com/sitecore/content/Topsoe_fuel_cell/news_and_info/press_releases/140512.aspx

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