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FuelCellToday: “Osaka Gas to Launch SOFC Ene-Farm Next Month with World Leading Efficiency”

14 Mar 2012

Ene-Farm Type S LaunchFollowing in the footsteps of JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp., who launched a 700 kW SOFC Ene-Farm system in 2H 2011, Osaka Gas announced yesterday (Tuesday 13th March 2012) that it is to launch its own SOFC residential CHP system – the ENE-FARM Type S – which has been developed with Aisin Seiki Co., Kyocera Corp., Chofu Seisakusho Co. and Toyota Motor Corp.
See: http://www.fuelcelltoday.com/news-events/news-archive/2012/march/osaka-gas-to-launch-sofc-ene-farm-next-month-with-world-leading-efficiency

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