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Exciting times for Fuel Cell CHP!

The outlook for Fuel Cell CHP continues to increase favourably. Technological breakthroughs & industrial production have allowed for a major growth in the past years, especially in Japan with an installed base of 100.000 units and South Korea with several multi-MW size projects. Europe wants to follow suit with an increasing number of public-private initiatives. The Fuel Cell Expertise Network will keep you informed with strategic information on the development and relative position of Fuel Cell CHP technology in the EU heat and electricity markets.


Fuel Cell Expertise Network congres 2013 – Amsterdam

The Fuel Cell Expertise Network has the ambition to be the leading network in Europe for fuel cell CHP applications. We act as a network between different entities in the supply chain (manufacturers, distributers, energy companies, end-users). Every year we organise several webinars with presentations and live debates on current topics. Webinar_example

Webinar, june 2014

We look forward to discuss the latest developments in this area with you and will keep you informed. Also, we would like to draw your attention to our sponsorship benefits. 


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